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As per http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/backup.112/e10642/rcmmaint.htm :

The CATALOG command enables you to add records about RMAN and user-managed backups that are currently not recorded in the RMAN repository, or to remove records for backups that are recorded.

Which, though I find the usage of “catalog” a bit unfortunate given the fact that there is also a repository referred to as a “catalog”, the command is quite handy.

Unfortunately, all Oracle references I have found only provide instructions for disk backups. Today though, I came across a post referring to an undocumented method of performing the needed actions with a tape backup.

Essentially, one just needs to configure a tape channel and run the command. For me, this was:

RMAN> configure channel device type ‘SBT_TAPE’
2> parms ‘ENV=(NB_ORA_CLIENT=myserver01),SBT_LIBRARY=/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/libobk.so64’;

followed by the command:

RMAN> catalog device type ‘SBT_TAPE’ backuppiece ‘mydb_al_reog5k26_1_1_822267974’;

and poof, the backup piece was registered and available to use for a restore.

As this is an undocumented route, i don’t know the deeper implications of it (if any) and thus would not run straight to it as a first step in a prod restore. But, for the test situations I have run so far, it has performed eloquently.


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